Project development and marketing

We consult small and large investors, developers and property owners in connection with value-adding development of residential, commercial and hotel/hospitality real estate. We work at the intersection of law and business and focus on providing solutions which are legally correct and satisfy our clients’ commercial needs.

We have expertise in how to optimize properties. Our knowledge and experience enable us to explore the options for optimizing specific properties, and we advise on how these options may contribute to increasing the property value on the basis of the specific conditions and needs of the project.

Our advice covers an assessment of the physical conditions of the property, relevant changes to the planning basis as well as the contractual relationships between site owner, developer, public authorities, contractor, end-investor and financing sources.

We engage in dialogue with the various players, e.g. surveyors, contractors, neighbors’, utility companies, municipalities, and we help our clients obtain smooth project completion.

Marketing, sales and leasing is managed directly by our marketing and sales team from inception to completion on “tailor made” basis.   Strategically, relying on a keen awareness of analytics and trends is our key to maximizing market value.  At the predevelopment phase, our marketing team works in concert with the architects and designer to craft the property in alignment with current demands.